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A little routine maintenance can really help your trees

Proper tree care maintenance can go a long way to help ensure your trees remain healthy to provide the intended aesthetic value and environmental benefits. So that you can stay knowledgeable, here are answers to some of the most common questions about tree care and arborist services.

Q. How can routine tree maintenance benefit my trees?

A. In suburban or urban areas, trees are mostly appreciated for the aesthetic value they provide. They provide environmental benefits by the oxygen they produce. And there are numerous studies that show an increase in property value where trees are maintained to enhance the landscape. Healthy trees can also block up to 90% of solar radiation, which can reduce your energy bill.

Q. Can mulch benefit my tree’s health?

A. Trees can benefit from mulch if it’s applied correctly and the area is kept clean. Mulch helps to reduce weed growth and conserve water during drought seasons. Mulch can also assist in reducing grass-growth competition in the soil surrounding your trees. Check out our subsidiary, Organic Solutions, Inc. for more information on mulch.

Q. Can I forgo pruning my trees?

A. At Trees "R" Us, Inc., we wouldn’t recommend it. Keeping your trees trimmed helps encourage sound branch structure and promote vibrant growth. There’s also the aesthetic value to consider. Trimmed trees are attractive and add value to your property too.

Q. Why do I need a professional arborist service to trim my trees?

A. Just imagine what it would be like if you asked a perfect stranger to cut your hair. They may do a satisfactory job, or they may butcher your hair in the attempt. You’ll most likely have to follow up with the services of a trained barber or hair stylist. It’s the same with trees. A professional arborist, like the team members at Trees "R" Us, Inc., are trained experts and can ensure that your trees will maintain their health and livelihood. A non-professional could damage your trees and even sustain personal injury while on your property.

Q. What’s the difference between tree pruning and tree topping?

A. Tree topping is an invasive process, and can leave your trees damaged if not performed properly. Your trees growth and appearance can be permanently affected. Tree pruning is a more concise procedure, and places focus on the growth patterns of your trees. Pruning, when done correctly, is a health benefit for your trees and the results are attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Q. Is there a preferred time of year to prune trees?

A. Routine tree trimming should and can be performed whenever necessary. At Trees "R" Us, Inc., we can give you an estimate and evaluate your property’s needs. The fall, winter and summer are usually the best times for extensive pruning. In the spring, trees use tremendous amounts of energy to sprout new growth and may be more vulnerable to infections caused by tree pruning stress.

If you’re an Chicago-area resident, living in north or northwest suburbs, contact Trees 'r' Us, Inc. for a free quote. We’ll give you an estimate of your property’s needs based on 20 years of service. We’re I.S.A. certified with prices that are hard to beat. As a family business, we’ve got a reputation of quality service to live up to.

Don’t trust the amateurs to handle your tree-care needs. For a free estimate, give us a call at 847-913-9069, or email us at

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