Sunday, September 30, 2012

Plant health care keeps trees healthy

Over time a tree can easily go from healthy to hazardous due lack of proper tree maintenance.  Plant health care is a term that the industry uses to describe what it takes to give trees the proper care and maintenance for a long healthy life.  

It is now recognized that the best way to protect trees from pests such as insects and disease is be proactive rather than reactive. The practice of Plant Health Care begins with proper selection and planting, continues with good care to reduce stresses, and implements a careful program of scouting, monitoring, and use of integrated pest management. Good tree care involves maintaining trees in balance with the environment and other organisms. When possible, protect groves of trees, not just individual trees. Protect the growing space of the tree as well as the tree itself. Try to avoid drastic change around trees as they can only respond incrementally. Too much of anything is usually detrimental. As a general rule, trees can not be cured of problems (saved), but with proper care they may be preserved.

Benefits of training trees for structure and form careful, thoughtful pruning of trees in order to train their structure and form will provide many benefits. Training will influence future performance, landscape potential, and safety. Correct pruning of young trees will improve structural stability, increase tree longevity, and decrease maintenance costs. Trained trees will have fewer branches, but will have better spacing. They will have fewer structural defects when mature, thus reducing the need for costly corrective measures later. The process of training young trees directs growth to fulfill the landscape function, reduces structural defects that may lead to tree failure, and ultimately decrease hazard potential and liability risks. Well-maintained trees are an asset to any landscape.

Any well established, quality tree service will have a plant health care division.  Talk to your local tree services to find out if they offer these services.  Trees "R" Us, Inc. has a plant health care division run by certified arborists.  You are getting the best care and advice when you tree service offers these services by such highly qualified individuals.  

Trees "R" Us, Inc. is a professional tree service in the Chicagoland area.  We service the north shore, north suburbs and northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Trees "R" Us, Inc. has 4 certified arborists on staff ready to assess your plants and tree care needs in a timely manner.  Our services include tree trimming, pruning, stump grinding, emergency tree services, tree removal, cabling and bracing, fertilization and plant health care.

Trees "R" Us, Inc. can be contacted at 847-913-9069 or through our online forms at

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