Friday, September 7, 2012

Leaf color in autumn

There are several factors that will affect how and when your trees' leaves will drop and the vibrancy of the colors of the leaves.  There are year-to-year differences in how bright leaf colors are, when they appear, and how long they last depend on the chemistry within the tree, which results from a combination of temperature, humidity, sunlight, rainfall and other factors that vary annually.
Change of leaf color in autumn is the result of a natural annual process, of course. But when leaves turn color too early--before nearby trees of a similar type, for example--it is often a sign that the tree needs help. Trees that turn color prematurely are generally under some type of stress--from insects, disease, lack of water, root damage, or other adverse conditions. If this is happening to the shade trees on your property, you should call your local arborist to determine the cause and recommended course of treatment.
Trees need at least an inch of rain a week whenever the ground isn’t frozen. If needed and if local ordinances permit, you should water your trees--especially during the first two years following transplanting--and mulch them to hold moisture in their root zone.
For additional information on tree care during the fall months contact your local tree service. If you are in the Chicagoland area, contact Trees "R" Us, Inc at 847-913-9069 for more information.

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