Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is your tree healthy?

Many customers ask me how to check the health of their trees.  While an arborist or tree service is your best bet in determining tree health, here are a few things to consider before you contact your local certified arborist or tree service to confirm your diagnosis.

When trying to assess whether you need to contact a professional, start by thoroughly inspecting your trees.  Grab some paper and record these five basic items.  
1. the new leaves and buds
2. leaf size
3. twig growth
4. any trunk deformities
5. any crown dieback

Make a note of any discoloration of leaves over the last three years or a in any three year period - a yellowing of leaves could mean problems. Yellowing leaves is a good reason to contact your local tree service or arborist.

Leaf size and shape should be recorded. Small leaves and abnormally shaped leaves are a problem and are also reason to contact a professional.

In addition, insect activity and spotted, deformed, discolored or dead leaves or twigs, should be noted and watched closely. A pesticide treatment or other insecticide may be needed to save the tree.

A reduction in the extension of shoots should be noted and is a reliable clue that the tree's health has changed.

Deformed growth, mushrooms, and conks on the trunk should also be noted.

A dying of the canopy or individual limbs should be recorded as well.

Get recommendations from professionals on appropriate treatment when a problem is developing, or leave it in the hands of the professionals. If you are ever uncertain as to what should be done, it is best for the tree that you clarify the proper treatment before you implement your plan.  For additional information, you can report your findings to your local ISA Certified Arborist, professional tree service or State Service forester for advice on possible treatment.

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