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EAB in July

Now that it is July, we have to start looking out for signs of Emerald Ash Borer, EAB, on our ash trees.  July is when EAB larvae start feeding under the bark of the tree.  Depending on then the larvae emerged, they will do this for two to three weeks.  We normally see the larvae feeding for 2-3 weeks sometime between July and October.  The larvae typically pass through four stages, eventually reaching a size of roughly 1 to 1.25 inches long. Most EAB larvae survive the winter in a small chamber in the outer bark or in the outer inch of wood. Pupation occurs in spring and the new generation of adults will emerge in May or early June, to begin the cycle again. 

Recent research shows that the beetle can have a one-, two-, or even three-year life cycle. Adults emerged in mid to late May with peak emergence in late June. Females laid their eggs about 2 weeks after emergence. Eggs hatched in 1-2 weeks, and the tiny larvae then bore through the bark and into the cambium – the area between the bark and wood where nutrient levels are high. 

Although difficult to see, the adult beetles leave a "D"-shaped exit hole in the bark, roughly 1/8 inch in diameter, when they emerged in June.  The adult beetle is dark metallic green in color, 1/2 inch-long and 1/8 inch wide.

Other signs that your ask trees are infested with EAB include a thinning canopy.  The canopy of infested trees begins to thin above infested portions of the trunk and major branches because the borer destroys the water and nutrient conducting tissues under the bark. Heavily infested trees exhibit canopy die-back usually starting at the top of the tree. One-third to one-half of the branches may die in one year. Most of the canopy will be dead within 2 years of when symptoms are first observed. 

Sometimes ash trees push out sprouts from the trunk after the upper portions of the tree dies. 

If you have noticed the 'D' shaped holes in the bark and/or a thinning canopy, you need to have a certified arborist come out to evaluate your trees, the severity of the infestation, if you have one, and the proper action plan to not only eliminate EAB, but also prevent it from spreading. 

If you are local in the Chicagoland area, Trees "R" Us, Inc. through its plant health care division offers analysis of your trees by a certified arborist.  With the analysis is a complete treatment or prevention plan with various ways to keep your plants and trees healthy. Trees "R" Us, Inc. has 4 certified arborists on staff so you'll never have to wait long for your tree analysis.  To schedule a visit by one of our certified arborists, contact us via the web or phone at or 847-913-9069.

Trees "R " Us, Inc. is proud to educate our communities on proper tree care and maintenance.

It is through education that we really save trees and help the environment.  We hope you found this post informative and educational. 
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