Thursday, July 5, 2012

Drought tolerant trees

Another day with no rain and 100+ degree temperatures.  I've been blogging about watering your trees during a drought and how much water to give your trees during these scorching times.  However, there are some trees that are drought tolerant.

The following is  list of tree that should survive the drought just fine.  If you notice the leaves starting to wilt, then one monthly deep watering should suffice. Keep in mind that these trees are not newly planted, young trees or seedlings. These are large, mature trees

Drought tolerant trees to consider
Deciduous Trees:
  • Catalpa (large maturing)
  • Goldenrain tree (small maturing)
  • Hackberry (medium to large maturing)
  • Honeylocust (medium to large maturing)
  • Kentucky coffeetree (large maturing)
  • Maple, Amur (small maturing)
  • Maple, Wasatch (small maturing)
  • Oak, Bur (large maturing)
  • Ohio buckeye (medium maturing)
Evergreen Trees:
  • Pine, Austrian (large maturing)
  • Pine, Pinyon (medium maturing)
  • Pine, Ponderosa (large maturing)
  • Pine, Scotch (large maturing)
Even if a tree is drought tolerant, it still needs to be watered the first few years and then watering can be reduced.

Trees "R " Us, Inc. is proud to educate our communities on proper tree care and maintenance.

It is through education that we really save trees and help the environment.  We hope you found this post informative and educational. 
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