Thursday, June 28, 2012

watering your tree with a garden hose

Did you know that the average garden hose will flow 8 gallons of water per minute.  To determine the number of minutes to water with a hose, divide the number of gallons by 8.  Distribute the water slowly and evenly throughout the rot zone.  Add 5 minutes if the root zone is covered by turf grass.

Good to know these things when you are faced with drought conditions like we are here in Chicagoland.  no rain in days, well no, more like weeks.  Top that off with 100 degree temps and Mother Nature has made some brutal conditions for our plants and trees.  Remember to water your trees.  We always think of watering our grass, gardens, flowers, but too often our trees are overlooked.

Trees "R " Us, Inc. is proud to educate our communities on proper tree care and maintenance.

It is through education that we really save trees and help the environment.  We hope you found this post informative and educational. 
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