Friday, June 8, 2012

Trees make for good neighbors!

Fences make good neighbors, and trees can, too, but it might take some work. 
They share cooling shade, seasonal beauty and sometimes even fruit.
Trees give us great joy, but not always in a neat-and-tidy way. Trees offer many benefits, but sometimes trees may offer things that neighbors would rather not get, like fallen fruit, leaves in the fall and broken branches from storms.
What's a messy tree owner to do?  It all depends on your relationship with your neighbors and their attitude toward nature. It is inevitable that every fall there are going to be leaves on the ground, lots of them.  Is your neighbor they type that even though they don't have a tree, they rake leaves every fall anyway because they don't have a problem with it as it's just what nature does?
As a tree owner, you might pick up large branches that fall on your neighbor's property, and be respectful of their space; consider getting limbs pruned that pose hazards, or that get in the way of a neighbor's basketball hoop.
And then there are the fruits and seeds. Silver maples may be the most notorious, dropping thousands of helicoptering samaras, which happily sprout everywhere.
As a good neighbor you should be aware of all these things that might make your tree a bad neighbor.  You should pull out maple seedlings near fence lines before they grow and become difficult to remove.  You should also pick up fallen fruit or ask them if they'd like to pick some fruit from your tree.  Be aware, be courteous, and clean up after your trees.
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