Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tree topping is not a good practice

Please Don't Top Your Trees

Topping is the senseless practice of indiscriminately removing a majority of a tree's branches.
Topping violates most commonly accepted methods of proper pruning; it is an assault on the health and beauty of your trees.
Five important facts to remember about tree topping: Don't let this happen to your trees!
  • Topping will not make trees safe; it actually creates hazardous trees.
  • Topping makes a tree more susceptible to storm damage.
  • Topping makes a tree more prone to insect and disease problems.
  • Topping is: abuse, vandalism, dangerous, expensive, mutilation, ugly.
  • Topping is a waste of money.
Check out PlantAmnesty for more information on tree topping.

Before you prune, contact Tree "R" Us, Inc.

At Trees "R" Us, Inc. we take pride in not only our professional tree care services, but also educating our customers.  It is through education that we really save trees and help the environment.  We hope you found this post informative and educational. 
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