Friday, June 15, 2012

New Mexico and Colorado forest fires are among the largest in history

I really feel badly for the residents and wildlife of New Mexico and Colorado.  The fires blazing there are among the biggest in both states' history and containment in their dry weather conditions has proven very difficult.  
It is hard to imagine that a lightening strike from sometime last Friday or Saturday was the beginning of this more than 43,000 acre scorch in an area new the Wyoming border.  

In addition to the overwhelming number of trees that have been lost, over 100 structures, including an undetermined number of homes, have been destroyed, and hundreds more dwellings - home to roughly 2,000 people - remain threatened by the blaze and are still under evacuation orders.

What is even more incredible is it is expected that firefighters will have to battle these fires for at least a few more weeks, if not into the fall.  That really shows the size of these fires is unbelievable.  
In New Mexico these scene is similar with a wildfire burning in the rugged Lincoln National Forest in central New Mexico, where some 37,000 acres of conifers have gone up in flames.

It is always sad to see forests with years of history and century old trees be lost.  We all should consider planting a tree or two to help replace what has been lost.

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