Saturday, June 16, 2012

Is it time for a pruning?

Trees and shrubs should be examined every year to determine if pruning is needed. Too many homeowners neglect their plants and fail to prune for several years. Shrubs in particular become overgrown and lose vigor. When this overgrowth occurs, heavy pruning/trimming or severe renewal pruning is needed to reduce plant size. Never hesitate to cut tall, fast-growing or unsightly limbs. Remember, if the terminal bud on a new shoot is lightly pruned, lateral growth will produce a fuller plant.  For assistance with pruning you can rely on Trees "R" Us, Inc.  We've been taking care of trees on the North Shore by maintaining them with fertilizer and pruning them for nearly 20 years.  You can trust your trees to Trees "R" Us, Inc.

Pruning is one of the most important cultural practices in landscape management. Proper pruning helps keep plants’ attractive and vigorous and will add years to the plants usefulness. Many people are apprehensive about pruning, but knowing how, when and why to prune will end these fears.

Follow these Trees "R" Us, Inc. pruning tips.

1. Prune to maintain plant health. Remove dead, damaged or diseased plant tissue to maintain plant health and vigor. 

2. Prune to remove misshapen, crowded and rubbing branches and branches with narrow crotch angles. These pruning cuts eliminate problems before plant damage occurs.

3. Prune to increase flowering and fruiting. More flower buds will be formed for the following season if old flowers are removed when they lose their attractiveness, a practice called dead-heading.

4. Prune to train plants to a particular size or shape, including hedge and espalier forms.

5. Prune to rejuvenate old, overgrown shrubs and restore plant density, shape and vigor. Large-habit plants in the wrong place, like hollies, privet and photinia planted in front of windows, should be replaced. When cut back or pruned severely, the large root system that remains helps these plants quickly resume their original size. 

Follow these Trees "R" Us, Inc. pruning tips every year to help your trees reach their maximum health and growth potential.  

For a complete analysis of your trees, contact Trees "R" Us, Inc.  at or 847-913-9069.
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