Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Must Read about Invasive Species

In honor of invasive species month, here are some interesting facts about the species that invade our forests, lawns, and lives every day.

Check out the environmental impacts of invasive species.

• Experts estimate that invasive plants already infest more than 100,000,000 acres of land in the United States.

• In the United States, about 3 million acres are lost to invasive plants each year (= twice the area of Delaware).

• Our natural habitats on public lands are being lost at the rate of 4600 acres a day to invasive species.

• Already, invasive non-native organisms have contributed to the decline of 42% of our federally listed threatened and endangered species.

• Of the 235 woody plants known to invade natural areas in the United States, 85% were introduced primarily for ornamental and landscape purposes, while another 14% were introduced for agricultural uses.

• Within nearly 200 of the approximately 250 National Parks protecting significant natural resources, non-native plants have been identified as serious threats to those resources. 

• Research results suggest that "the increasing dominance of glossy buckthorn in New England pine forest is likely to change the relative abundance of tree species in the forest canopy, and may delay the filling of canopy gaps."

And if that isn't enough to make you want to pull all the buckthorn in your yard or area forest, check out the economic impact these unwanted species have on our pocketbook.

• In Massachusetts alone, state agencies spent over half a million dollars in 2001 on the control of nonindigenous aquatic plants through cost share assistance and direct control efforts on state lands. This figure does not include extensive control efforts undertaken by municipalities and private landowners, lost revenue due to decreased recreational boating, fishing, and swimming opportunities, or documented decreases in property values due to infestations of neighboring lakes and ponds by aquatic macrophytes. Think of the size of Massachusetts and the dollars it cost to control some of the invasive plants.  Now think of the size of Texas.  Are you seeing dollars signs!?!

• Invading non-indigenous species in the United States cause major environmental damage, public health problems and cost the nation more than $122 billion per year; plants are responsible for $36.6 billion of this. 

• From 1906 to 1991, just 79 non-indigenous species caused documented losses of $97 billion in harmful effects.

• Purple loosestrife now occurs in 48 states and costs $45 million per year in control and forage losses. 

• In the United States, a total of $100 million is invested annually in aquatic weed control. 

Trees "R" Us, Inc. is an environmentally conscious company.  The above information is just staggering and we are here to help control the invasive species that are related to the tree industry.  Call Trees "R" Us, Inc. for your buckthorn removal, emerald ash borer control, black locust removal, tree of heaven removal, and all the other related bugs, pests, or invasive trees and plants that threaten the livelihood of our indigenous plants and trees.  Contact us at, via the phone at 847-913-9069, or through email at  Do your part, call your local tree service, like Trees "R" Us, Inc. to help control our invaders!

Trees "R" Us, Inc. provides environmentally conscious tree care to the north shore of chicago and its surrounding northwest suburbs.  

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