Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's Prevent the Invasive Species from Taking Over

The most effective strategy against invasive species is to prevent them from ever being introduced and established. Preventive measures typically offer the most cost-effective means to minimize or eliminate environmental and economic impacts. Prevention relies on a diverse set of tools and methods, including education. Trees "R" Us, Inc. has a wealth of experience and skills to help you combat your unwanted plants and trees. As an agency capable of working across the landscape, Trees "R" Us, Inc. is in a good position to lead efforts to prevent potential invaders for your residence or business.
Our emphasis will be to identify and protect forests and grasslands that have not been invaded by invasive species. Prevention includes education and outreach to raise the awareness of the invasive species problem and reduce the chance of unintentional introduction of invasive species. By enlisting the skills of our highly qualified staff and certified arborists, as well as our plant health care program, we can achieve a successful invasive species prevention and awareness throughout the North Shore and the suburbs of Chicago. Establishing effective and collaborative partnerships with you as a home owner or business owner is also critical for effective prevention.  Please feel free to contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. anytime with your questions or concerns about your landscape or yard.  www.treesrusinc.com or 847-913-9069
We are dedicated to the tree care and tree maintenance industry and in helping our beautiful North Shore area and the Northwest suburbs combat invasive species.

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