Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can your trees withstand the storms?

One sure thing that will come with spring is unstable weather. Lots of rain has come our way and there's more on its way. You may experience a flooded basement, no power, and storm damage to your home and trees. While we can't do much about most of these things, we can prepare our trees for harsh weather conditions. Certain measures can be taken to lower the risk of storm damage to your trees and shrubs in the future.

Your local tree service, like Trees "R" Us, Inc. should have a certified arborist on staff trained to recognize tree conditions that may be more prone to damage, and can provide preventative maintenance options to help extend the useful life of your trees and shrubs when damage does occur. Pruning and cabling techniques are just a couple of options that an arborist may provide.

Pruning helps to improve a tree’s structure by correcting faults and removing branches that are weak, dead or diseased. Often, a tree that has lost its structural integrity can be properly pruned to lessen weight problems or reduce excessive sailing effects caused by heavy winds blowing against the tree.

Cabling and bracing can also help structurally weak areas of trees. The arborists at Trees "R" Us, Inc. can strategically place cables high up in the trees that are hardly visible and yet effective at supporting the trees in strained areas. It can also be helpful in the winter as heavy snowfalls may weigh branches down and create stress in vulnerable areas.

If the recent storms have caused any damage to your trees, contact Trees "R" Us, Inc. today and we’ll provide a professional evaluation of their condition and options to help your trees.  If you aren't local, contact your local professional tree service.  Trees "R" Us, Inc. is the best choice for tree care in and around Chicago's North Shore area and its surrounding suburbs.

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