Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pine Trees with Sudden Needle Drop

SNEED is Sudden Needle Drop which is common among Pine trees.  In late May 2011, the University of Illinois Plant Clinic identified samples of spruce that had been affected with Sudden Needle Drop (SNEED). This was the first time it had been found in Illinois.

SNEED can be identified by yellowing and browning of old needles on Norway, white, and Colorado blue spruce trees. By the end of summer, these needles fall off leaving only the newest needles on the tips of branches. This can affect parts of the tree and in the most severe cases, the entire tree.

If you suspect that your spruce tree has Sudden Needle Drop, please contact Trees "R" Us, Inc.  and we will assign one of our Certified Arborists to your trees.   The arborist will set up an appointment with you and evaluate your trees and provide a treatment plan for the Pines.  Please act quickly if you think your Pines might have SNEED.  This disease does spread quickly and can potentially kill your trees.

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