Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tip #2 - Maximize Your Mulch

As promised, here's another tip to help you with your spring 'cleaning'. You definitely should not forget about your trees and landscaping when you clean up this spring.

I've already covered how important pruning is to your the health of your trees.  However, mulching around your trees is equally as important.

Trees and landscape beds respond well to being mulched. You should first remove competing grass away from the trunks of trees and plants to help them flourish. Just remember that, in this case, more is not better. Keep mulch thickness down to just a few inches and pull it back near the trunk to avoid contact as if mulch is piled around the trunk, it holds moisture and heat. This can cause developments of cankers and other ailments. It also encourages a secondary roots system to develop above the primary one, which could include girdling roots.

This is the time of year that every landscape and garden center is advertising mulch.  I will warn you not to skimp on mulch.  Not only is proper mulching important, but also is using quality mulch, preferably organic.  If you are uncertain about what kind of mulch to use or what the difference is between some mulch varieties, check out our website,

We offer 7 different varieties of mulch and will even deliver them right to your yard. Just give us a call at 847-366-8869 to place your order and schedule delivery.

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