Monday, March 19, 2012


It's time to start mulching and we have a very special offer for you!  Our biggest sale of the season has officially started.  We are offering our Premium Mulch at an unbeatable price of just $20 per yard!  Super premium mulch is now just $25 per yard.  These are wholesale prices direct to YOU!  You can order mulch simply by calling us at 847-366-8869.

Our Premium Mulch has been double processed (or double ground) and has a rich chocolate color, while the Super Premium Mulch has been triple processed (or triple ground) and is dark chocolate in color.

All mulch products help to maintain soil moisture and control weeds. Premium shredded wood mulches decompose over time into a rich black soil and are best suited to amending soil properties. Mulches should be applied to the surface and not mixed into the soil. Organic mulches also alter the structure of the soil, bringing an almost immediate effect to plant development and root growth. Organic varieties of premium mulch products enhance soil quality and add aesthetic beauty to the landscape.

Order NOW as this offer only lasts as long as there's product.  Once the mulch is gone, so is this unbeatable offer.  Act NOW before it is too late!

We also offer delivery.  Call us at 847-366-8869 for our affordable delivery prices.

This offer is brought to you by Organic Solutions, Inc., a sister company to Trees "R" Us, Inc.  Organic Solutions, Inc. offers 7 varieties of mulch at our 2 locations.  We are conveniently located in Long Grove and Wauconda.  Our service area includes the North Shore region and Chicago's Northwest suburbs.  Please visit our website at for additional information.

Thanks for reading.  Now order your mulch!


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