Saturday, March 17, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about Mulch

I always seem to get the same 3 questions about mulch.  So, thought I'd cover them today in some detail.  Free free to pass this on to the gardeners and landscapers in your life.Steaming mulch

Why should I mulch?

Mulch helps control soil temperature and is an effective method of preventing weed growth. Mulch prevents light from reaching the soil surface, denying young weeds the opportunity to build a root system. As well as inhibiting weed growth, organic mulches add nutrients to the soil as it decays. A quality fabric barrier between the mulch and the soil enables soil to retain moisture, maximizing the effectiveness of watering while allowing water and nutrients to flow to the soil. A layer of 2-5 inches of bark mulch is recommended for a good, effective covering. Applied correctly, mulch can eliminate or greatly reduce the need for trimming and weed removal in your lawn and garden. It can also provide a very attractive ground cover in your display beds.

When should I mulch?

Mulch can be applied anytime throughout the year. However, because of the insulating properties of mulch, some seasons are more desirable than others. In the cold winter months, apply it only 1 inch thick to insulate the ground to prevent soil warming. Since spring is the planting season, remember to push aside mulch from newly planted seeds, seedlings, and bulbs. In a vegetable garden, mulching should not be done until the tomatoes blossom. In the fall when mulching around transplants, a 5 inch coverage is needed to delay frost penetration, allowing more time for root growth.

How should I mulch?

The area(s) should be cleared of all weeds, leaves and grass. If you are preparing an area on an established lawn, make sure you strip the sod completely. Edge around the entire border of your landscape area. If you are replenishing the mulch on an existing area, be sure to loosen up the old mulch. Using your hands to spread the mulch produces the best results. Use a thickness of 2 to 5 inches, not allowing the mulch to make direct contact with the plants. This avoids disease problems. When finished, the mulch should be watered down to put moisture in it and help it to settle into place.

As owner of a mulching business, Organic Solutions, Inc., I feel that I am an expert when it comes to mulching and hope you found this helpful.  Should you need any mulch, Organic Solutions, Inc. offers 7 different varieties of mulch.

Cedar - Light golden color and a natual insect deterent.
Leaf Mulch - Living and organic blend with beneficial fingi to help soil restoration.
Dark Chocolate - All organic (dies) to extend life.
Cherry Red - All organic (dies) to extend life.
Super Premium Mulch - Triple ground with a dark chocolate color.
Premium Mulch - Double ground with a chocolate color.
Arborist Chips - Single ground mulch.

 Contact us at 847-366-8869 for more information on any of these products.  Our certified arborists will help you make the best choice for your property and landscape. Our mulch is affordable and delivery is available.

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