Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trees and positive emotions

Trees increase the feeling of well-being

Just looking at trees has a positive effect on people. It has been proven time and time again in study after study.
Changes in the visual surrounding affect perception - it's a proven fact.
In a recent study, the psychological and physiological perceptions of urban scenery with trees of different shapes, such as conic, globular and jutting out, with non-living objects were compared. The general mood of the test persons was studied by using computer graphics that showed an urban scene, firstly without trees and secondly with single, different shapes of trees.

Result of the study
The participants showed more positive emotions, such as happiness, friendliness and assertiveness, and less negative emotions, such as sadness, fear and annoyance, whie looking at the urban scenery with trees. Interestingly, the positive emotions were especially strengthened when looking at the computer graphic with the jutting out trees.
It must be said that the study impressively proves what significant role trees, independent of their shapes, play in an urban environment. They have the effect of a calming catalyst on people, especially those who live in urban areas, and contribute to their well-being and therefore better health. Because the positive effects were shown more by the trees with the jutting out shape, they should be used for landscaping in hospitals, job centers etc, because people in these situations will benefit most. 
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