Monday, February 27, 2012

When to plant annuals, perennials, trees & shrubs

Spring is the optimum time for planting a variety of shrubs, trees, annuals, perennials and seeds but, before tilling the earth, it is important to consider your specific plant needs and the climate

Frost Dates

  • Frost dates are considered to be the last date in which frost forms. This date is especially important when planting seeds. Some seeds, such as radish, can be planted soon after the frost date while other seeds, like watermelon, require the ground be within a warm temperature range prior to sowing. Transplants and starts can normally withstand cooler temperatures, but read the plant's and seed's envelopes and labels to determine the best time to plant.

Annuals and Perennials

  • Hardy annuals such as alyssum, larkspur, calendula and poppies are able to withstand light frosts and can be planted in early spring. Tender annuals such as salvia, marigolds and petunias should be planted in late spring or early summer. Perennial plants, which come back year after year, are planted in spring after frost danger has past. Perennials require time to establish roots, so although late spring and summer plantings are possible, they are not favorable.

Trees and Shrubs

  • Trees "R" Us, Inc. recommends planting packaged and bare root trees in early spring. Other trees can be planted in spring or fall. Before planting bare root or containerized trees, it is recommended that the roots be examined. Trees with poor or limited root systems should be planted in spring. This allows the root system a chance to develop prior to cool weather.
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