Friday, February 10, 2012

Trees and Nature Increase Our Physical Activity

On a day like today that has been filled with falling snow and dropping temperatures, I'm not sure anyone wants to be outside.  Yet, my mind keeps dreaming of being outside.  Running around with the kids.  Walking the dogs.  Doing anything, but being trapped inside by the weather.  It's no wonder we're facing a public health crisis - too many days making us all want to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and some popcorn.  So this got me thinking about nature and how we are directly affected by nature in the choices we make for our lifestyle.

I've been reading recently that having trees and nature nearby is important to a person's choice to go outdoors and be active.  Research shows positive relationships between natural environments and living a healthier lifestyle.  For example, people are more likely to walk, jog or ride a bike to a local coffee shop or other store if there are trees and other natural features along the way.  In less green neighborhoods, people actually judge distances to be greater than they really are and will choose not to walk or ride a bike to their destination.  People will actually avoid walking all together in areas with no greenery or trees.

Trees and nature are definitely an important part of outdoor environments that support physical activity.  When you have regular physical activity, you are healthier.  When you are healthier, you have less medical costs.  Once again, it looks like trees pay us back!

Municipalities that need a plan to plant trees or maintain the ones they already have planted should contact a professional tree service.  Trees "R" Us, Inc. services Cook, Lake and McHenry counties in Illinois with a special focus on the North Shore.  Our estimates are always free, so you've got nothing to lose by giving us a call.  The community will thank you for helping make its residents healthier by providing them with natural environments to support their physical well being.  Trees "R" Us, Inc. is the perfect partner to help you create alluring tree-filled landscapes, walkways, sidewalks, bike paths and parks.

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